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OOTS Cards - Greenhilt Swords by Avistew OOTS Cards - Greenhilt Swords by Avistew
You can call this suite "Swords" for short :p.
It comes with the red joker. You should be able to tell what the last suite is, now :p.

Don't they look like daggers or something? There have the exact proportions of a greatsword, though. My guess is that we're so used to 6 foot 10 swords that normal swords look small :p.
Or it's the fact that it's a two-handed sword: it has a bigger hilt, as you're supposed to have enough room for both your hands.


The Jack is Durkon Thundershield, reliable cleric dwarf, and a very discreet character, two (people I talk to, including fans who've been following the series from the start, seem to forget his name quite often. I suspect it's Dorukan's fault, his name is too similar).

The Queen is Vaarsuvius, angrogynous talkative elf. Now, I'm not saying Vaarsuvius is a female, as you'll see with the next suite (poor Redcloak), but (s)he is definitely better suited as the Queen than Roy or Durkon would be.

The King is Roy Greenhilt (yes, his family was named after the sword.), meatshield with a MBA, and currently... well, I might be spoiling if I say it, actually, so you'll have to read it yourself if you don't know what I mean.

I think Elan did something stupid, judging by Roy's face. He usually doesn't get that annoyed with the people currently surrounding him. Vaarsuvius and Durkon are the competent and reliable ones, after all.

The characters belong to Rich Burlew. The sword belongs to Roy (although he apparently still considers it to be his grandfather's).

Demon Roaches [link]
Banjos [link]
Blueprints [link]

The Order of the Stick is a webcomic by Rich Burlew. [link]
scrumpleberry Featured By Owner May 18, 2008
What about Celia?

love the concept tho
Avistew Featured By Owner May 18, 2008
Well, you'll notice Elan is still wearing his old outfit, I based the card game off the earlier strips, when Celia isn't as important as she's become.
Also, as there are 12 face cards, it ended up being 6 good guys and 6 bad guys. The order are 6 so it doesn't leave much room for anybody else.
Maybe I should have thought of adding her in a Joker? Oh well, maybe if I work on a tarot-style deck, with horsemen (between the jack and the queen), I'll add her :)
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October 31, 2007
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